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Common Questions

Common Questions for Dumpster Rentals in

West Michigan


Q:  What can I put in a Dumpster?

A: Acceptable items: wood, insulation, carpeting, wiring, walls ,furniture, clothing, boxes of junk, metal items, and many more. All items must be hazardous free.


Q: What if I do put a hazardous item in the Dumpster?

A: State and Federal  Laws are enforced strictly at disposal sites. Loads can be rejected and  fines can be imposed. In the event a load is rejected and or a fine is imposed, you the customer will be responsible for any fines. You will also be responsible for fees involved in time and labor for proper removal and disposal of such items.

Q: What should I do with something I can’t put in a Dumpster?

A: In the event you  come across an item that is banned, please just set the item off to the  side. Call the office and someone will assist you in the proper disposal of the item. (616) 437-1460

Q: What can’t I put in a Dumpster?

A: State and Federal laws have banned certain items from the waste stream. Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • We can recycle Refrigerators  ($25.00 fee dispose for appliances) Let us know when dropping off dumpster
  • Propane tanks and fuel containers
  • Paints, stains and co-containerized liquids
  • Asphalt, brick and concrete material
  • Asbestos material of any sort
  • Yard debris (i.e. leaves, grass clippings, etc.)

Warning: The above mentioned items must not  be placed in any container from Domestic Cleanup Service. Penalty fines apply for  such named items if found in the dumpster. For more information on the  proper disposal of such items please call us.

(616) 437-1460

Q: What happens if my property is damaged?

A: Prior to delivery of any Dumpster, a location is chose by the dumpster renter as to where the container is to be placed on your property. Any damage to lawns, driveways or other structures on the property are the sole responsibility of the home owner or persons responsible for ordering the dumpster, and telling the driver where they want the dumpster placed for the job, not Domestic Cleanup Service, or Kent Dumpster. We have never had a problem on driveways only small lawns dents or ruts where the rollers land.

Q: How long can I keep a Dumpster on my property?

A:  All Dumpsters are  for 3-5 days only,  for more than 5 days we are flexible (Depending on our Schedules) so if your project runs over a day there is no need to worry. Call us so we can work with you. (616) 437-1460

Q. What Size do I Need?

A. This depends on the project. Most bathroom renovations, small kitchen renovations or basic household debris typically use a ten or fifteen yard dumpster. Please call us so we can assist you in choosing a size that is right for your project. Its a 2 minute phone call vs renting the wrong size and wasting money.

(616) 437-1460

Q. Can I have it here today?

A. In most cases Yes. We know that emergencies arise and we are equipped to assist you.

Q. Do I need to be there when the container is dropped off?

A. Yes, But we can also work with you over the phone for placement once at your location

Q: What if I obstruct the container and it is non-accessible at removal?

A: In the event we  come to remove the container and it is blocked by anything such as a snow bank, a new driveway setting up or anything for that matter, you will be charged a predetermined rental fee per day for each day the container remains on your property after the day you call for removal.  You will also be charged a “go-back fee” each time we go to remove the  container and it is blocked.

Q. Can I leave the dumpster in the street?

A. In most cases the answer is NO. However, in gated communities and in cul-de-sac type properties the home owner association may allow you to place the dumpster in the street for 8 hours. With this type of situation we will deliver the dumpster in the morning and pick it up before the close of business, the same day.

Q. Can I put the dumpster inside my garage?

A. The Dumpster will fit in a residential two stall garage if the doorway is taller than 9 feet and close to 10 feet wide.

Q. Do I have to call you to pick Up the Dumpster?

A. Your dumpster will be on site for the amount of time that was discussed at the time you ordered it. If you get done early call us so your driveway will be available again.

Q. How many dumps do I get?

A. When you rent the dumpster only one dump is included in the price. If you need another dump, contact us and we will bring a new one out to you when we remove the original one.

Q. Can I fill the dumpster over the top?

A. You can only fill the dumpster to the maximum load level sign or the top rail of the dumpster. Over filling the dumpster will cause the debris to slide off when the dumpster is loaded onto the truck. It is also against MI DOT regulations to carry overloaded or overweight dumpsters. We are concerned about safety and will not carry loads that are unsafe.

Q.  Is Domestic Clean Up Service licensed and insured?

A. Yes!

Q. When Is Payment Due?

A. Payment for the dumpster is required upon delivery. We accept cash, check, money order, or credit cards (3% fee apply).

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