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The History behind Domestic Clean Up Service

Domestic Clean Up Service is owned and operated by Mr. Douglas DeVoid. Domestic Clean Up Service has been removing tons of debris for more than 35 years. Regardless if you have a small clean up or a dumpster load of debris we can furnish you with the most cost effective method to remove it. We also provide information about how to dispose of household hazardous waste properly and without cost to you. As neighbors for more than 35 years in West Michigan, we are privately owned and operations continue to be conducted in Grand Rapids and Kent County, Michigan. Domestic Clean Up Service (616)-437-1460

Domestic Clean Up Service is the one of the oldest sole proprietorships of full service debris removal in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When we were established in 1991 we began our business with a rusty one ton truck (1978 Chevy) that did not have hydraulics meaning that every thing that I loaded had to be off loaded by hand. I loaded the customers debris by my self with the exception of the help from my oldest son (Travis) who at that time was 8 years old. Today I am proud to say Travis left the company in March of 2003 to join the  United States Marine Corp. Returning from Iraq to find him self again actively deployed to Africa were he spent his time working to refurbish villages and socially helping to educate impoverished children. At present Travis is pursuing his education in California as a civilian

The introduction to waste management came from a company  in operation; a small company located in Wyoming, Michigan which I worked  for 1 year and developed an understanding of the market place. During that time I worked the business with enthusiasm and it became apparent I was hooked on the appreciation to help the community in a more meaningful way. During the educational process of debris removal with my partnered employer and the many long hours being devoted to meet the needs of contractors, re-modelers, management firms, and residential customers I developed a solid understanding of customer relations.

Indicative to my entrepreneurial spirit I owned an operated 36th Street Lawn Mower Shop in Wyoming, Michigan prior to the opening of Domestic Clean Up Service. Much more than just hands on (turning wrenches) I learned a more revealing aspect about customer service. No longer was it about making an engine run properly but I was now having to educate my self with real estate,  home foreclosures, rental property etc… but more difficult was the emotional needs of customers having lost a loved one, the elderly, handicapped and an increased amount of evictions to mention a few. I was in the midst of individuals needing more than garbage removal  I discovered an overwhelming desire to assist my customers with like minded emotional support during their time of despair. Today we provide both full service and dumpster rentals for a more diversified approach to a changing economy.

-Douglas A. DeVoid

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If your looking to rent a dumpster or have some junk or debris that needs to be picked up in and around the Grand Rapids or Wyoming area's Domestic Cleanup Service is who you need to call we are simply the best in both service and reliability. We will offer you a $5.00 discount if we are late for any reason. This is our written guarantee.

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